High Quality of Orchid Export in Thailand

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26 August 2022Jairak Orchid Ratchaburi,Thailand

Jairak Orchid  is located in Ratchaburi Province, with an area of 95 rai (37.55 Acre). Greenhouse area about 50 rai (20 Acre) of orchid. Jairak Orchid grow orchid for retail , wholesale sales and export to another countries. We have many variety of orchids. We have both pure indigenous species in the country, indigenous breed and hybrids. Jairak Orchid continue to  develop breeding hybrids. The hybrid orchids that have been developed into new commercial plants are mostly name as “Jairak”. We continue to develop orchid varieties and emphasize the quality of orchids as our important goal. We do it with love. Our orchids consist from our love and care.

Jairak Orchid team.